Comics by Ryan E. Grady


Daughters of Atlas Issue# 1

Daughters of Atlas is a magical girl inspired comic that follows the struggles of a young lady named Cristy as she deals with the consequences of new found power from a past life. She discovers that she is a gem holder, a mortal that walks upon the earth holding the power of ancient gods. Audiences looking for a shojo comic geared toward a more mature audience will enjoy "Daughters of Atlas".

In Issue #1, Cristy and her friends are out enjoying the final day of their study abroad trip when everything went awry. A beautiful woman with a staff interrupts the party and brings out a new side of Cristy that she may never have wanted to know.

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Coming to Comixology in Fall 2019


Lythe the Forgetful Witch

Lythe is in trouble. Shes a witch who forgot how to use her magic, and everything else for that matter. Her talking spellbook Grimm and grumpy sphynx cat Bartholomew are no help. She has no choice to but follow the bloodbrick road to the ruler of Samhain, who can help her regain her powers. Follow Lythe and her ghastly friends in this spooky scary retelling of the Wizard of Oz.

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